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Beyond rolling prairie and pastures and lingering evidence of early pioneer days, you'll quickly find that South Dakota is on the leading edge of some of the world's latest technologies. Along with being a pro-business state, South Dakota is pioneering a new frontier in the digital age of blockchain technology.


Becoming a leader doesn't happen by chance.


South Dakota Blockchain Institute was established in late 2021 to advocate, educate, and position South Dakota at the forefront of a wave of growth and opportunity associated with blockchain technology. The institute is comprised of thought leaders and experts in industries that are, or will be, directly impacted by blockchain technology, digital assets, machine learning, and artificial intelligence—all part of the innovations occurring in the build out of Web3. They are passionate about protecting our already established industries and laying the groundwork for accepting and advancing this technology in our state.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish South Dakota as a world-renowned leader for blockchain innovation and implementation through ecosystem development, policy advocacy, academic collaboration, education, and events.

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The South Dakota Advantage

South Dakota has firmly established itself as a pro-business state, fostering an environment that encourages economic growth and entrepreneurship. One of the key factors contributing to its reputation is its favorable business tax climate. With no corporate income tax, personal income tax, or personal property tax, South Dakota offers businesses a unique advantage to reinvest their profits and allocate resources more effectively. This absence of state-level taxes allows companies to retain a greater portion of their earnings, enabling them to expand operations, invest in innovation, and create job opportunities. Furthermore, the state's streamlined regulatory processes and efficient government procedures facilitate ease of doing business, making South Dakota an attractive destination for both established corporations and startups alike.

In addition to its business-friendly tax policies, South Dakota distinguishes itself through its pro-trust stance. The state's commitment to promoting healthy competition while preventing monopolistic practices is reflected in its pro-trust laws. These laws aim to ensure fair market competition by preventing anti-competitive behavior and monopolies that could stifle innovation and harm consumers. By upholding these pro-trust principles, South Dakota creates an environment where businesses can thrive based on merit and innovation rather than unfair market advantages. This approach not only benefits local companies but also enhances the state's overall economic resilience, attracting a diverse range of industries that contribute to a dynamic and sustainable business landscape.

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